What is your love language?

February is the month of love. Affectionate love, romantic love, self love and selfless love. The thing about love is showing it, and understanding how we like to receive love. Having picked up the 20 year old classic "The 5 Love Languages", we thought we'd lean in...


Physical Touch

The intimacy of handholding, the feeling of velvet or silk on your skin and curling up on your bed with a good book.

The language of touch is so much more than the obvious and we believe, an essential gift in a post covid world. Reassuring, calming and safe. We can create and atmosphere for this language to flourish and have its moment. Thank heavens for hugs!


Acts of Service

This language is often seen as the “mother” of all languages as this is mainly what we do daily without recognition, but so much more than just making the 3rd bowl of Oat-ees on a Saturday morning is the beauty one finds in the ritual of setting a table for a gathering of loved ones.

The freshly washed tablecloth, napkins and polished glassware is carefully placed.

A beautiful candle, curated blooms from the garden is added all to say “I love you”. What a time to express this language as we have missed this time of “gather” and celebrating.



Often misunderstood as “the bigger the gift, the better”. The lover of gift giving is much more about the process and thought behind the gift as it becomes the physical expression of a memory or moment. We have boxes full of handwritten notes or cards that came with gifts that we save to remind us of that moment but maybe have forgotten about the gift itself years after. What a small gesture to show someone that even though we are all busy we can take a moment and “show” someone what they mean to us.


Quality time

Let’s face it, the idea of uninterrupted quality me time sounds like a gift!

Ok but seriously though according to us it is probably the most challenging of the 5 languages. Putting your device down to focus on a person you care for is easier than its sounds because life.

We are aiming to make quality time, couch time. Get the (fur)kids on the sofa or bed, watch a movie make popcorn (more service!) and don’t look at your (my!) phone.


Words of affirmation

Words hold such power! Journaling is such a healing way of improving overall mood and taking control of your thoughts. The way we speak to ourselves or loved ones can set us up for success or failure, so lets seize this moment to express the language of (self) affirmation with resounding YES!

Wanderland love journal
Wanderland love cushion
Wanderland love cushion and dog