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3 Steps to transform you living room

We all know that scatters is one of the easiest ways to transform a sofa or chair into something new and fresh but how to choose the colour, size and texture that suits your fave lounge place in your home can be tricky!

Here are three things to consider when selecting your perfect scatter....

Tip #1:

Play with different sizes and shapes and stick to the rule of 3 or 5. Uneven numbers just always look better when decorating! Also, style them either to one side of the sofa or stick to a more classical symmetrical look. (Did you know we do custom sizes as well as 60x60 cm designs??)

Tip #2:

Go for colour! We love a clashing combination such as reds paired with deep ochres and blush pinks. Just look at Anastasia Pather's Pansy Pearl Velvet scatter, so delicious....😍

Tip #3:

Texture! Bouclé fabric on sofas are on trend at the moment and pairing it with a striking velvet or leather scatter looks amazing. Keep the 70s trend strong with our Aureum Leopard Ebony Ivory scatter and you're all set for your next cocktail party🍸

Most importantly, have fun when reviving your lounge! There's no wrong or right when it comes to your own home.


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