Wanderland and Ecoffee Cup Collaboration

“Wanderland and the artists we collaborate with believe in showing consideration for our social and environmental impact in all we do. This is also the vision that Ecoffee Cup was founded on and greatly motivated our collaboration. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Ecoffee cup on this project. It’s another platform to showcase the works of these very talented artists.” - Carike Greffrath, Co-Founder Wanderland Collective


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Wanderland x E-Coffee Cup x Aureum Design Nicole Levenberg

Wanderland x E-Coffee Cup x Zhi Zulu

Wanderland x E-Coffee Cup x Lucy Jane Turpin Wanderland x E-Coffee Cup x Faatimah Mohamed Luke

"Oceanum" by Aureum Design's Nicole Levenberg

"Being a native Joburger, December holidays were always spent alongside the Cape coast where the exotic allure of the ocean took hold. This coupled with endless hours watching the whimsical underwater worlds of “Planet Earth”, catalysed the desire to capture this weird and wonderful space on fabric. Curling, twirling shells, textured mosses, dancing algae and darting jellyfish submerge us into this magical aquatic world." - Nicole Levenberg

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"Mageba" by Zhi Zulu

"'Mageba' is a clan name of the Zulus. Zulu culture is an important theme running through my art and the visual narratives that I create. This character found in the design is based on an ancient story about the first man to ever appear in the universe, Umvelinqangi. Zulu-inspired patterns combined with vibrant colours celebrate the culture while keeping it contemporary." - Zhi Zulu

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"Safari" by Aureum Design's Nicole Levenberg

"Inspired by the natural beauty of the wild African bush, loose hand drawn lines form depictions of aloes and indigenous South African trees. The blue and white colouring is reminiscent of our love for delft ceramics embedded in our Cape Dutch heritage." - Nicole Levenberg

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"Mother Tongue" by Faatimah Mohamed-Luke

"‘Mother Tongue’ focuses on the knowledge we learn outside of our formal education. Knowledge taught through storytelling and narratives that have passed through lineages over centuries. Knowledge that takes the form of a visual language, present around us in everyday items and ceremonial traditions. Knowledge that is older and yet still very relevant. The addition of this ancient knowledge comes in the form of pattern and symbolism. Within these pieces, the symbols have been deconstructed so that we may relearn and examine the meanings and messages behind each symbol and colour combination. Within the pattern and between the pattern I have created an open-ness and open-mindedness between our cultures. My hope is that in sharing and learning our newfound collective knowledge, we will create a rich and more accurate global history.  This understanding of the past and present should ultimately create an admiration and respect for our uniqueness." - Faatimah Mohamed-Luke

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