Faatimah Mohamed-Luke





Faatimah Mohamed-Luke is an artist and designer who lives in Cape Town with her 2 cats, husband and kid. In 2003 she graduated from Cape Technikon with ND: Fashion and also did a year of design encompassing Graphic, Interior, Industrial, Textile and Jewellery design disciplines. Faatimah is a founding partner of SA designer fashion brand adam&eve. 

A few years ago, she resigned from fashion to focus on Art and Interior design. Her current focus is creating large-scale wall art made of plastic building blocks. She has had great success exhibiting at galleries and art fairs within South Africa and abroad.

"While on holiday in Morocco, in 2014, I fell in love with ornate, intricate patterns. It was everywhere, every surface was painstakingly adorned to perfection. It spoke to different parts of my heritage; African and Arab. It was the first time I had witnessed parts of my heritage living together so gracefully."

 "My hope is to highlight and recreate the art form of tessellation (a highly symmetric, edge-to-edge tiling using a simple porcelain shape in a modern way) through using lego plastic building blocks. I have championed the humble children's toy  to create various types of art. As one would, with any other art medium, I have created portraits, landscapes and abstracts, just as one would with paint."

"My favourite thing about about this medium is it being non-traditional. This allows for a playfulness and accessibility within the artwork and also within the art-world. It is something that is relatable to a broader audience. The works create a feeling of nostalgia and relevance, and is appreciated by all ages and backgrounds."




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Lady Luke makes use of lego building blocks to create her bold geometric artworks. Detail close-up of the 3-D surface created by the lego pieces.

 Strong, bold pattern and colour characterise Faatimah's work.

These artworks create a feeling of nostalgia and accessibility, making them relevant to all ages and backgrounds