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"Painting and illustrating has always played a significant role - it's my medium of communication. It forces me to observe and absorb everything that is interesting and it keeps me moving forward with a sense of freedom in this omnivorous cultural whirlwind where visual stimuli often engulfs us.  I celebrate women through my work with an emphasis on beauty and power - my girls are surreal, dreamy, fiercely optimistic and enthusiastic’

Victoria Verbaan is a South African Artist and Illustrator, educated at the University of Cape Town and later The Red and Yellow School of Advertising.  I worked in the advertising team for one of South Africa’s Fashion Brands in Cape Town as well as illustrating for various Publishers and Magazines.  In 2008 I moved back to KZN and focused on illustrating, painting and product development.  I find it incredibly rewarding turning something 2 dimensional into 3 dimensional functional product - moving art.  I now run my studio from the Bellevue Campus in Kloof, KZN - I call this space my ‘ordered jungle’." - Victoria Verbaan

Victoria Verbaan’s work has been featured in British Vogue and The World of Interiors.  She was named 1 of 20 reasons to visit South Africa by Wallpaper Magazine.




Vogue by Victoria Verbaan feat on Wanderland
Hello the Dandizette by Victoria Verbaan feat Wanderland Bombastic Twaddle by Victoria Verbaan feat Wanderland


Print, various sizes.

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Hello The Dandizette

Bombastic Twaddle

Prints, various sizes.

Can be ordered from Victoria's website here:

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Celebrate interior design by Victoria Verbaan
Happy and Contained in today interior design by Victoria Verbaan