Wanderland Collective collaborates with artist Victoria Verbaan

Meet Victoria Verbaan

"Painting and illustrating has always played a significant role - it's my medium of communication. It forces me to observe and absorb everything that is interesting and it keeps me moving forward with a sense of freedom in this omnivorous cultural whirlwind where visual stimuli often engulfs us."

"I celebrate women through my work with an emphasis on beauty and power - my girls are surreal, dreamy, fiercely optimistic and enthusiastic."

Victoria Verbaan is a South African Artist and Illustrator, educated at the University of Cape Town and later The Red and Yellow School of Advertising.  I worked in the advertising team for one of South Africa’s Fashion Brands in Cape Town as well as illustrating for various Publishers and Magazines.  In 2008 I moved back to KZN and focused on illustrating, painting and product development.  I find it incredibly rewarding turning something 2 dimensional into 3 dimensional functional product - moving art.  I now run my studio from the Bellevue Campus in Kloof, KZN - I call this space my ‘ordered jungle’." - Victoria Verbaan

Victoria Verbaan’s work has been featured in British Vogue and The World of Interiors.  She was named 1 of 20 reasons to visit South Africa by Wallpaper Magazine.