Andel Olivier

“I adore seeing my illustrations come to life in this tabling collaboration and fill everyday spaces where they get used again and again and loved up by regular families. It almost feels like im a faraway guest at the table, and i hope these fun and exciting designs inspire many such conversations" - Andel Olivier

Andel Olivier's Story

Andel Olivier is a  Pretoria-based artist/illustrator formally educated in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch, where she received her Honors Degree in Illustration in 2012. Since then she has enjoyed doing various childrens book illustrations, designing textiles and most recently dabbling in Ceramics. After spending 6 years living abroad in Mauritius and Cyprus, she has returned and is now a full time artist. 

Through the study of colour theory she has realised people respond instinctively to colour harmonies and discord, and that through clever application and control of colour, one has the ability to produce vibrant perceptual experiences within the viewer, even if the colours are not used to represent anything specific. Colours blur and vibrate when placed next to one another, modifying in tonal intensity and deepening in three dimensional space. Colour has become more than a mere element of her work, it is the subject.