7 ways to wear your Wanderland Twilly

7 ways to wear your Wanderland Twilly

Masterminded in the late 1930s by the ever innovative and effortlessly chic French fashion house Hermés, the ‘twilly' is fast becoming the most versatile fashion accessory. The name “twilly" is derived from the word “twill” which refers to the common weaving technique used to create soft draped fabrics. 

Wanderland has created their very own South African artist designed version of the little silk ribbons.  Inspired by the mystical ocean depths, Aureum has hand drawn an array of intricate prints in bold colouring that will be sure to glam up any look.

wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_bangle_bracelet_silkjewelry_trending_wristband.jpg wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_necktie_neckscarf wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silkjewelry_fashion_velvet_handbag_slingbag_wristband_wristbow_coral_pink_ocean wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_handbag_designer_wrapped_strap_fabric.jpg


Here are our 7 favourite ways to wear your Wanderland twilly:

1. Tie your twilly around your neck like a scarf in either a knot or tucked under as a choker

2. Try tying your twilly around your wrist (with a knot or bow) as a bracelet or create silk jewelry by adding the Wanderland gold twilly ring for styling

3. Dress up your handbag with a twilly bow tied around one of the handles

4. Wrap the thin silk scarf around the entire surface of the handle on your handbag to both protect the handle and add stylish interest

5. Tie your twilly around the circumference of your head as a headband with the knot/ bow either at the front or swung around to the back

6. Why not tie your  twilly around a messy bun or ponytail to turn a bad hair day around, or try braid it into a plait

7. Try tying your twilly around the rim of your hat to create versatility


wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_hairstyle_hairband_ponytail_hairtips.jpg wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_hat_straw_panama_wrappedfabric_trending_.jpg wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_messy_bun_hairstyle_hair_tips_trend.jpg wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_headband_headscarf_hermes_hairstyle_silk_southafrican_design.jpg 
wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_handbag_bow_designerbag_bagstyling wanderland_how_to_wear_twilly_southafrican_design_hermes_silk_fashion_handbag_bow_designerbag_bagstyling




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