We have decided to keep our online store open, while taking the following measures to ensure that we play our part in the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

1. The team is working from home in voluntary self-isolation at the moment;

2. A single designated team member is going to the (empty) office to pack and dispatch orders;

3. Surfaces, hands and elbows are being sanitized prior to handling products;

4. Once the order is packed, the box or flyer bag is being sanitized using a surface sanitizer spray. 

5. Our courier company has further implemented the measures outlined below: 

"Sanitiser and masks have been purchased for all staff and will be implemented be implemented by no later than Thursday 19th March 2020. A contract a company to sanitise our depots on a weekly basis.
If you so wish on delivery you are welcome to request that the driver
places the delivery & waybill at your door and steps back 2 metres allowing
you to sign the waybill in full with your own pen and take your delivery inside and close the door with the signed waybill outside which the driver will retrieve.

It is up to each and everyone of us to ensure that our working environment
is safe for all employees' family members and customers."

Click here to download a helpful, informative guideline.