Five Reasons to #stayhome

Five Reasons to #stayhome

You don't feel sick, you want to support friends and local businesses, and the cabin fever has started creeping in, why should you stay home? While sitting on your couch and binging on Netflix seems counter-productive, in this case, it is exactly what we all need to do.

Here's five reasons why it's just better to #stayhome:

  1. Stop the Spread: by taking responsibility for you and your immune system, you protect others and their immune system. Many people's immunities may not be as resilient as yours, so do it for them.
  2. A Day Off: if you've been dreaming of taking a sneaky sick day, now is finally your chance. So take full advantage! And if anyone asks, just tell them; "because the president said so."
  3. Release the Pressure: by containing and maintaining the spread of the virus, you alleviate the already busy health sectors. This allows everyone to get what they need at a slow and steady pace.
  4. See the Sun: if you're someone who usually works a 9 to 5, take this as an opportunity to take a walk during your lunch hour and stock up on nothing but Vitamin D.
  5. A Time for Yourself: embrace social distancing by taking time to unwind your mind and live unfiltered. No morning make-up, small talk with your chatty co-worker or hours of high heels. Just you, your laptop and an elaborate breakfast at 10am.

Having said all of that, let's remember to stay in digital contact as we part in physical contact. Let's live in a way that is kind, caring, unfiltered and free. Tag us in your #stayhome days with #wanderlandunfiltered to show how life at home truly can be a good thing.

Our own Faatimah Mohamed-Luke and Zhi Zulu share their virtual love during their time in isolation.

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"What people think it looks like when I work from home." - Faatimah Mohamed-Luke Zhi Zulu taking it one drawing at a time. Faatimah working on micro pieces for her next project.
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