Introducing Mrs + Mr Luke

Introducing Mrs + Mr Luke

Faatimah Mohamed Luke and Al Luke are partners in life and art. Together they form the inimitable Mrs + Mr Luke collaboration. In 2019, Faatimah joined Wanderland Collective in making her works available in an entirely new format. Now, Al joins the collective through the launch of this new range of scatter cushions.

From the artists:

"The artworks that the Wanderland collective cushions are based on was the first fully collaborative project created by Mrs + Mr Luke. The series is called ‘My Head, Your Hand’ and it was about combining parts of our art forms that seem to be really contradictory. We started by creating beautiful organic, expressive artworks that Al is so well  known for. Faatimah then interpreted his artworks using her favorite medium, plastic building blocks. The end result was bold, playful artworks that harmoniously captured our individual aesthetics.

It’s been such an amazing experience working with the Wanderland Collective team. It’s always been important to us that our work is accessible to everyone. Wanderland Collective allows our artworks to exist in people’s homes and lives as beautifully considered items. The impeccable quality and beautiful packaging creates that same joyful feeling of unwrapping an artwork in your home."
- Mrs + Mr Luke

"In the collaborative spirit of Wanderland, we playfully joined forces with local beading designer Mbali Mthethwa from The Herd. The result is a gorgeous embellished version of this design, that highlights a native narrative. I love this design so much. It really is a piece of living art that epitomises everything we stand for." - Carike Greffrath, Wanderland

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