Velvet fabric upholstered chair

Introducing our fabric by the meter: Numbi Velvet

We're thrilled to introduce the new Numbi Velvet fabric, by Anastasia Pather. This fabric showcases everything we love about Anastasia's work. There is a wealth of pattern, colour and texture in this design, supported by the luxurious sheen of the velvet it is printed on.
We love how this fabric gives you so much creative freedom when adding splashes of focal points to your environment.


“The Numbi range gets its name from an area in the Kruger National Park. If you are still and focus your view, you will see the silvers of the dew glistening in the sun and washes of green changing from from area to area. Wanderland, took a small corner of my painting, zoomed in, and exposed an entire ecosystem of metallics and pools of paint, much like readjusting your binoculars and focussing your lens on one area in the bush."

- Anastasia Pather

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