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Make your bedroom a place where you could sleep forever....

That moment you get to lay your head to rest after a long day is probably THE best feeling in the world! We looked at the advice of few bedroom guru’s and rounded up 5 tips to sanctify your sanctuary this winter....

1. Start with the sheets🌙

“The longer the fiber, the longer it will last. Long-staple cotton is best because it creates longer and finer yarns. You can have a high thread count with short fibers that will break down faster and not last as long,” ABC Home’s senior merchandising team Newell and Beierholm told Vogue. So you see it’s not all about thread count. (Side note, we recommend sticking with white)

2. Pillows😴

Silk or Copper? 

Not only is is the texture of silk pillowcases amazing for your hair and skin, Copper pillowcases (are fairly new to the market) helps battle bacteria, heals the skin as well as being gentle on the skin and hair. 

3. Throws 🐑

Here is where thing get interesting! Are you into weighted blankets, cotton knit or faux fur? We adore natural woven throws from African Jacquard with its rich textured look and feel, their 100% french linen Bogolan bed throw will add that extra luxe to your bed!

 4. Scent👃

Since I’ve introduced a little electric diffuser in our bedroom with a few drops of jasmine and ylang-ylang my sleep has definitely improved. Aromatherapy is such an affordable way of making your space truly “yours”! We suggest roman camomile, lavender and cedar extract.

 5. Lighting 🕯️

Soft warm lighting replicating your mother’s womb is the goal here ;) but still strong enough for you to read those same 2 pages from last night before you dose off…



Have a look at our brand new scatters by artist Victoria Verbaan to add that something extra to your bedroom


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