New Artist: ZHI ZULU

New Artist: ZHI ZULU

We are so excited to announce the first of Wanderland's three new artist collaborators. 

The incredibly talented illustrator Zhi Zulu was born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal and raised in Johannesburg. She recently obtained her Bachelor of Visual Communication at The Open Window Institute and is currently the sole-owner of freelance illustration studio called Zuluvisual. Her projects are created for the purpose of contemporary visual storytelling with a focus on Zulu culture’s fiction narrative. She loves telling stories and making them come to life through her beautiful illustrations.

"Art is my passion, my energy supply and my life. My key goal is to send the message that I was created to communicate to the eyes and minds of the world through my illustrations. I believe that I am a vessel for the realm of art and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.”

This collaboration will see the transformation of Zhi’s fresh, African inspired imagery into uniquely beautiful luxury products in both accessories and homeware. We cannot wait to share the final results with you!

To view more of her beautiful illustrations visit her website 

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