Autumn is for Red Lips!

Autumn is for Red Lips!

Red lipstick is more than just make-up💋

For such a long time with our wearing of masks the idea of a red lip seemed obsolete, but we feel now is the time to get out your boldest lippy!

Especially with what is happening in the world, we are reminded of World War II events of the 40’s and how morale was boosted amongst factory workers (mostly women) by wearing their favourite shade of red lipstick. The red lip symbolises hope in a world where absolutely nothing is certain.

Certainty as an entrepreneur is always hard to come by! As many of our other friends in small businesses, we too took the time to decide that we red lipping Wanderland and all that the collective stands for. The conclusion being that for us, it's a vehicle of hope and a constant place of inspiration. And whatever brings you hope and inspiration you should not only cling to but cultivate, right?!

So for all of our Wanderlanders out there, keep fanning the flame of what makes it all worthwhile and rock that red lip whenever you get a chance.



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