Renee Rossouw Wanderland collaboration

Renee Rossouw Reflects Life & Inspires Change

In 2017, Cape Town was declared a disaster area after the worst drought in almost a century. I don’t need to tell you how important water is, but it is worth remembering how a united Cape Town eventually beat the worst of this severe drought.

The entire city came together to do their part, and part of that city was Renee Rossouw who responded to this calamity with Line Drought.

Line Drought is a series of 7 charcoal pencil drawings made during the height of the Cape Town drought in 2017. The scarcity of water and its relationship to the larger issue of global warming made we want to express the feelings around it in a very earthy palette, guided by more intuitive drawing that felt like a very long meditation. I drew non stop for 2 days, almost speechless.”

Someone once said that art mimics life, but we prefer to think that art reflects life. It reflects life back to us so that we may see the truth of the world in a different language. It helps us cut through the defensive barriers we’ve put up to protect ourselves, and see what is truly occurring around us.

Renée's art inspires us to want to think differently, act better, and make a change in any way we can, and the inspiring story behind her work makes us proud to be working with someone with such passion for the well-being of South Africa.

For more on Renee and to enquire about her work visit her website.

Lines Drought 1 (2017) Renee Rossouw
Lines Drought 2 (2017) Renee Ressouw
Lines Drought 3 (2017) Renee Rossouw
Lines Drought 1 (2017) - sold Lines Drought 2 (2017) - sold Lines Drought 3 (2017) - sold
Lines M (2017) Renne Rossouw Lines OO (2017) Renne Rossouw Lines O (2017) Renne Rossouw
Lines M (2017) - sold Lines OO (2017) Lines O (2017) - sold
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