karoo silk scarf velvet cushion

Welcome to the Collective, artists Elzahn Nel and Lara Kruger

Inspired by the Karoo landscape, multi-disciplinary artists Elzahn Nel and Lara Kruger has brought to life "Karoo Night" our latest addition to our range of silk scarves, twillys and velvet cushions. 

Burnt oranges and line work in midnight blues on a silver backdrop sits perfectly within the Wanderland collection of luxury items. 

"I wish I could throw the wisdom of these stones at you

their surfaces burnt in the unrelenting Karoo sun,
a furnace of ageless, forgotten intensity filled with
heatwaves playing the symphony of voiceless music.
The music one can only hear once you appreciate silence.

I wish I could bathe you in the intensity of the sunset,
immerse you in the canvas of colour splashed over hills
silently standing guard, clothed in resplendence of almost night.
Hulks of granite slowly eroding as the wind licks at their feet.

I wish I could ride with you on the plumes of wind
the image of horses galloping across these ancient plains,
shifting sand displayed in the majesty of a country so harsh
that we could never survive without intimate knowledge
of all that surrounds us, so deceptively safe.

I wish I could show you my heart,
hiding here and begging for the peace of this place."

- "Karoo Silence" by poet Tanzanite

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