A collaboration

Elzahn Nel & Lara Kruger

Artists Elzahn Nel and Lara Kruger collaborate to create "Karoo Night". The work inspires its own range in the Wanderland Collection.

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Meet Elzahn Nel

Elzahn Nel is a multi-disciplinary artist who moves between drawing and installation. She recently launched a collaborative drawing studio, House of Elle, in which she explores everything from fabric printing to hand-drawn animation and crafting bespoke objects. Elzahn frequently returns to the Karoo landscape where many of her projects and ideas are born.

Meet Lara Kruger

Lara Kruger is an artist, lecturer, and researcher. She holds a Masters degree in Fine Art from Stellenbosch University and has more than a decade's experience in art and design education and workshop facilitation. Her visual art practice includes abstract drawings and paintings in ink, charcoal, watercolour, graphite, pastel, and acrylic. Lara has also worked extensively with non-traditional media, from ash and plastic bags to worn-out soccer balls. She is interested in ways in which artworks and the art-making process can enable us to connect with, understand, and reimagine the world we live in. Her most recent work includes a dance and drawing collaboration for an artistic research project, a collaboration with Cara Saven Wall Design, private art commissions, and an art-based research project with children.